About us

Manoglia Consulting® was originally a high end consultancy, focused in competitor monitoring and Online Reputation Management, it has since branched beyond initial ambitions, having secured exclusive contracts it has since left the London headquarters and was segmented into the global partnerships that in their turn now have become more focused into the individual contracts and respective areas.

In the spirit of enterprise that started in the​ early years, it was decided to leave the Manoglia brand to some of its original consultants/founders to focus in emergent needs of start-up busineses exclusivelly , this is in line with the business model upon which it was founded – a decentralized loose consortium of consultants. We now aim to be a startup specialist, we aim to demistify the entire “SEO Thing” to enable productive and significant changes to your business.

The diverse nature of small/medium businesses has always been a strong enabler of high specialism for us, we are in fact so confident in what we can do and learn that we have made highly SEO bespoke packages for small businesses with highly reduced costs.

We still operate globally, so by contacting us, you will be given the contact of a consultant specialized in your geographical location, with relevant experience for your business area.