Small Business SEO Company - What To Look For

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Choosing a small business SEO company can be a minefield for a Small Business or Start-Up, we run our own business greatly in the light of what we have gathered from our own past experiences with service providers, from hosting to infrastructure, we have had our own “Baptism Of Fire” individually and collectively as consultants

The Right Attitude

This is really the key to all the below points, a business is often defined by the personalities of the people running and working in it. A positive can do attitude coupled with a realistic outlook is really what we are aiming at from a client perspective. You should be looking for an extended part of your team, wiling to go the extra mile to make things happen for you, assertive but also willing to help when needed.

Minimum Contracts

If a provider is confident in their service offer, a minimum contract term should be fair on both sides, a bounding contract should never be the main way to secure a client on the agency side, even a hint that a contract is to extensive to break in case of dissatisfaction or monetary factors is always a bad sign.

Packages That Are Not Tailored To Your Business

When it comes to “Small Business SEO Services”, the word small should only be taken as a definition for the business structure, never accept that the potential of a small business should be limited by the Start-Up stage. The whole point of hiring a consultant or agency is to scale up your operation, whoever you hire should be very aware that the small businesses of today can be the big players of tomorrow, they should be up to the challenge.

Location Of The SEO Company

There is amazing work being performed in many locations globally, and while there should be no prejudice in terms of where your service provider is based, it should be very clear that they understand your market perfectly, otherwise your strategy can be doomed to failure. There are not two successful businesses exactly alike, diversity can be the key to your service/product offer.

Bundled Services

SEO Software is great, but do you really need an expensive package for your current strategy? Your SEO provider should always be clear about whats in it for your business, for instances PPC(Pay Per Click) bid management software(often SAS) is normally quite costly, if you are not managing a huge budget, you might want to consider spending that extra money in Social Ads instead, or any other test. Ideally everything should be clear when it comes to itemization of your invoice.

I Must Feel Right

Establishing a good working relationship should rank high in your Service Provider’s priorities, every person is different but the business objectives must be based on a collaboration that works well for both sides. Your Consultant/Agency should be inspired to be with your business for the long run.


We will update this post as we distill some insights into a working formula, in the meanwhile why not getting in contact with us for a friendly chat about what we can do for you? Informal chats carry no consultancy fee with us. so why not saying hello and maybe get dome free insights?

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